Music: Songwriting

Words, singing, vocals, lyrics, story, melody, drama. Words put melody have had a profound effect the human condition for as long as humans have been making sounds come out of their mouths. The tradition of song has been a cultural unifier bringing individuals as well as nations closer. So as a musician it's is nearly a requirement that this tradition is carried forward, in small or large fashion. My songs and their lyrics are on this page; some may be also presented in various notation forms.

A Hunger Go So Deep

No Where To Go

About My Love

All Alone You Have Me

As I Drove Away


Styrofoam Suitcase

What You Mean To Me

Life Without Love

You've Got Spam

Rhythms of My Soul

Don't Shoot Your Mummy

Another Summer Goes By (wip)

In The Summer

I'm Not Funny Anymore (wip)

When I First Met You

Testing My Fate (wip)

This Can't Be Real (wip)

Lap Dog (wip)

My Newest Song (wip)

White Male (wip)

So Strange (nr)