Music: Songwriting: Sidewalk

Sidewalk - James Brynildsen ©1997


All a-lone I sit here and I wait

For you to open your eyes

Out-side there's nothing for us to fear and

I've been holding here for years


In my heart I know that we're okay

I keep re-minding myself

Why can't I see what's missing in our life?

There's so much more for us to be


I walk the side-walk cause I can't see the road

The grass is getting over grown

I've climbed the mountain but I've never seen the sky

I know my instincts

don't lie,


  Don't lie to me

  Don't lie to me

  Don't lie to me

  Don't lie to me


Is it me or the stupid things I do?

Please don't let them stop you

We're so much better than you know

Only wish that you could see




Don't lie to me x8