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Visual Arts

This is a page of links to category pages of some work I've done. There are a lot of files linked off these pages. My intention is to highlight the most recent and most successful pieces elsewhere on my web site. But for now this page will take you to archive(s) of pieces I feel are worthy of being shown.

Like my music and sound work, I used to post my work all over the web chasing the latest and greatest promotion sites or whatever. That's just what I do. Don't judge me. :-) However, I have grown tired of websites getting bought and sold then hitting me up for usage fees to to stay, or just leaving me in the cold. And what's up with the new business model for EVERYTHING being a monthly subscription or similar plan. Things are constantly changing, aren't they. Maybe I'll start charging the same way for my freelance work. hmmm...? Is that technically called retainer?