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Music and Audio - 2013-14

My most recent alternative rock music is below as Mildred Stain. I've been working on an EP. These are works in progress but all 5 tracks can be downloaded for free, as well as all the other tracks below Mildred Stain.

My most recent soundtrack/score/compositional/experimental work is on Soundcloud. You can listen or download all the tracks via the widget below.

Older work is on ReverbNation. You can listen and download these files via the widget below as well.

Most of pieces link here were produced completely on my own. Likewise of the ones on the pages linked below are also solo productions. However, some were collaborations as noted in the comment boxes below their titles on the page. And as such some the credit for lyrics or what have you are given accordingly. Or, on my profile page bio section on ReverbNation you can read the specifics on whom worked on what portion of the tracks. I have no intension of taking credit for someone else's valued contribution to the track. Enjoy.