Music, Audio, and Sounds

Songwriting - Words, singing, vocals, lyrics, story, melody, drama. Words put melody have had a profound effect the human condition for as long as humans have been making sounds come out of their mouths. The tradition of song has been a cultural unifier bringing individuals as well as nations closer. So as a musician it's is nearly a requirement that this tradition is carried forward, in small or large fashion. My songs and their lyrics are on this page; some may be also presented in various notation forms.

Instrumental Rock - Rock and Roll, an American tradition of youth has long since grown up to beyond adulthood. While still considered a genre of youth and rebellion there are people as myself that see value in it's energy well into old age. The Instrumental Rock page is dedicated to the rock genre without the burden of lyrics. I think jazz is jazz and rock is rock. But there is a musical boundary that can be crossed that rock becomes jazz. With these pieces I try not to cross that line.

Covers - While the tradition of songwriting is old, the tradition of repeating other people's songs or work sure follows close behind. Maybe imitating nature came first for us. Learning other's musician's work is almost always necessary to grow in musical traditions. Listening to another's work is one dimensional while learning and performing it is a 3 dimensional experience. It is as if we are walking in their shoes or wearing their sweater. Their voice will never be ours but we can still feel their vibrations.

Compositions - All music technically speaking is composed. Some start as improvised and spontaneous while others may be preplanned and designed so to speak. This page of music focuses on pieces that concentrate on either experimental pieces, concept arrangements, and or just different for whatever reason. Many of the pieces here started as written ideas and developed from there.

Soundtracks - Drama, score, cues, background music, instrumental, orchestral, or just tonal. This type of music is all over media, movies, TV, films. Often used to embellish visuals, moving and still. Setting the tone of a scene or mood is the focus on these pieces.

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