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Music Lessons

I teach guitar and cello lessons. I prefer teaching the beginning student, young and old. I've taught children as young as 6 years old and adults as old as their mid 50s. All you need is the willingness to learn and daily practice and I can teach you the fundamentals of music that have to proven to carry my students far into the musical adventures; on varying instruments.

Basically guitar lessons are 30 minutes once a week and cost $15 per lesson but are paid in advance of the month.

Cello lessons work the same way but cost $30 per lesson.

I've never taugh lessons over the internet before. But if you find me via the internet and are not in my area of the world maybe we could work something out. I've very flexible and tech savy.

For additional information contact me at the email address linked on the bottom all of my pages. I will update this page with all the pertinant information asap.

I'm currently writing a music theory course for my students. If you are interested in learning music theory just contact me. It will be free to whomever wants to learn and will be web based with quiz questions.

- James