Music: Covers

While the tradition of songwriting is old, the tradition of repeating other people's songs or work sure follows close behind. Maybe imitating nature came first for us. Learning other's musician's work is almost always necessary to grow in musical traditions. Listening to another's work is one dimensional while learning and performing it is a 3 dimensional experience. It is as if we are walking in their shoes or wearing their sweater. Their voice will never be ours but we can still feel their vibrations.

Picture In A Frame -
Tom Waits

You And Me -

Cup of Sorrow -
Amos Lee

Down By The River -
The Decemberists

Crosses -
Stephen Kellogg

Sorrow -
Bad Religion/Greg Gaffin

Blister In The Sun -
Violent Femmes

Behind The Wall of Sleep -
The Smithereens

6th Avenue Heartache -

The Wallflowers

Tequilla Sunrise -
The Eagles

Driftwood -


Pay No Mind -

Imagine -
John Lennon

Behind Me Now -
Amos Lee

Song For A Friend -
Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame

Why Does It Always Rain On Me? -

Love Is Blind -
Anthony Lawson

The House You're Building -
Audrey Assad

From Where I'm Standing -
Schuyler Fisk

Let Me Down Easy -
Billy Currington

Please, Please, Please, ... -

The Smiths

All In All -

The Dance -
Garth Brooks

Only You Can Love Me This Way -
Keith Urban

Lucky -
Jason Mraz