Music: Composition

All music technically speaking is composed. Some start as improvised and spontaneous while others may be preplanned and designed so to speak. This page of music focuses on pieces that concentrate on either experimental pieces, concept arrangements, and or just different for whatever reason. Many of the pieces here started as written ideas and developed from there.

Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight! - The Return

Ancient Song

Saturday 6:22 AM


Sinfonia December

The Vibe and Bass - Mirror

1 12 9 5 6 7 8 13 11 15...

Down River

Ocarina Dance

Bees and Ants


A Lonely Battle

Sabbatum Sanctum

Winter Solstice Song

Global Sea Ice

Wind Rider

Ethereal Therapy

Flauta Para Mi Hermano

1500 Miles Away

Banjo and Bass No. 1