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Glad to meetcha!

Hi. My name is James Brynildsen. I'm now more than 50 years old and I'm employed at LSI (Logistic Services International, Inc to be exact.) and when I'm not chasing or trying to keep up with my daughter(s) I'm working on a Bachelors of Fine Art in painting and drawing at the University of North Florida. Actually, I've been so busy the classes haven't happened in a while. So I've been just making music and art every chance I get, along with maintaining this web site.

In the fading distant past (2002 & 2004) I earned my AA degree which was the first two years of a Bachelors of Music Education I was working on, and an AS in Web Design/Development. My major instrument was the cello but I also play piano/keyboards, and any other stringed instrument I can get my hands on. Mostly I play guitar and bass. Explore my "music" link in the menu above for a huge selection of music available to download, for free!

I've been employed as a "graphics specialist", otherwise known as a technical illustrator since 1991. I mainly develop graphics for interactive courseware contracted by the Department of Defense.

I try staying engaged in technology by being involved and eager to learn on and off the job. Because of that I feel I've gained a lot of experience in all areas of web design especially in coding HTML, JavaScript, as well as a lot of ActionScript 2 & 3 in Flash development. I've also done some Java and VB.NET programming in college. I don't consider myself a programmer but I can get myself around well enough.

"Back in the day" of 1996, I hard coded html for my first web sites. I've built many varying sites since then. My web skill-set has grown with the industry and the tools designed for it. I remember painfully slicing up my images in Photoshop 2.5 and uploading with a 14.4K modem. Now we have Fireworks and a slew of other choices, some not even Adobe products. What? What? Not to mention that we have access to amazing transfer rates now. But I feel lucky to have started when I did. I know a few guys that had to make and use punch cards to run their applications.

In spite of my extra curricular web design, most of my computer experience is primarily in the area of the multimedia. I'm comfortable in nearly every major graphics development tool; 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Fireworks, After Effects, In Design... then of course there's Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and not to forget Flash. For audio I like to use Finale, Reaper, and/or Garageband. One day I hope to get my hands on a copy of ProTools. For video I use Final Cut Pro, AfterEffects and sometimes QuickTime and iMovie for quick simple edits. Starting to learn Premiere thanks to now having (say with a ominous low voice) Adobe Creative Cloud! echo echo echo...

I use an Apple Macintosh and a Intel custom built Windows 7 PC at home and then a Alienware Windows PC at work that's running Windows 7. The Alienware PC is awesome. For a stock built machine, from Dell, it really does rip on anything I throw at it.

On top of all that I do still take the occasional class toward my BFA, shoot photos, shoot video, and pretty much anything I have time for creatively, like this website... blah blah blah. I doubt anyone has even read this far... if you have, email me. I'll send you a CD of my music or art or something.

That's a good start on my work life.