Abstracts - Color, form, texture, non-narrative, conceptual, interpretive, emotional, moody. Abstract to me is anything non-representative; meaning no symbolism, no distinct recognizable forms. Color and shape take flight in interpretation of the mind and subconscious.

Collages - Mixed media, assemblage, mash-up, clips, cut and paste, textured, glued, bonded, found object, paper, newspaper, photo collage. Combining all sorts of items to create an image. A tradition that is still received with varying reaction. Through texture, color and form an image is revealed.

Concept Designs - Visual art derived from basic to complex concepts.  From small boundaries to open ended design these pieces are typically exercises in stretching the viewers expectation on a simple idea.

Expressionism - Extension of abstraction, symbols start to appear, shapes begin to reveal recognizable items, dramatic, colors have distinct meaning, improvisation of the mind, dream like, moods explode, interpretive and semi representative.

Figuratives - Anatomy, human, animal, figures, living beings, head, bodies, fur, skin, feathers, scales, hands, feet, claws, hair, characters, pose.

Landscapes - Obvious scenes of nature, skies, clouds, seas, trees, mountains, rocks, natural, etc. I'd rather paint a landfill than a landscape, but... well, tradition is tradition.

Still Lifes - Objects, inanimate items, things that do not live, bottles, cans, chairs, buildings, cars, boats, sometimes fruit and vegetables.