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I call this my electronic yard sale or garage sale page. And such, everything listed here is negotiable. If you are interested at all talk to me. Email me. Call me. Whatever works for you. I want this stuff out of our house or garage. Some stuff I will give you if you want it. Some stuff I just can't give away however. I will post/email you photos if you're interested.

Dining Room Table & 4 Chairs

Medal Candle Stands

Macintosh iMac Computer (pre Intel processor/Snowball model)

Vintage Mac Plus Computer ( I have two.)

4 x 12 Peavy Guitar speaker cabinet

Kids Toys and Books

Clothing (kids and adults)

Contact James Brynildsen at 904-779-6191, 904-200-9561, jbrynildsen@lsijax.com, or jaems_brynildsen@yahoo.com